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Changewinds Realty – Your small town Real Estate Brokerage. We are located in Greenville, near Catskill NY, and just on the line of Albany County and Greene County. A short trip from NYC, we are not far from the Saratoga region. Our Agents have a large network for marketing listings, as well as access to a wide variety of properties for our buyers. Whether you are looking to put down roots, or to branch out we will help you every step of the way.

With our combined knowledge of the local Real Estate market, experience in both selling and buying homes, commercial spaces, and vacant land, as well as our belief in the importance of web exposure, we will get you to the closing table quickly and with ease. Let us take on the day to day tasks, so you don’t have to.

First Time Homebuyers

We’ll take on the stress, so you can focus on what’s really important.

Owning a home is a dream that many people share, but most people don’t know when or how to begin the process.

If you are hoping to begin the search for your first home, we can help point you in the right direction. Buying your first home is a big step, and can become overwhelming if you don’t have a dedicated buyer’s agent on your side.

We can skillfully guide you from start to finish, so you can enjoy this once in a lifetime milestone. You’re only a first time buyer once, and we know how to help.



The most important part of listing a property for sale is to provide exposure. The second is setting the correct price.

A good Listing Agent should understand what you need moving forward, while maintaining an honest and open flow of information to the seller.

Pricing a property in today’s market should be firmly based on comparable sales, and our agents will provide you with a detailed report on how yours compares to others that have recently sold.

With so much of the Real Estate business being done online, it is most important to cast the widest net possible when marketing your listings.

By showcasing quality photographs and informative listing information in addition to an accurate price, you will be sure to achieve a speedy and lucrative sale of your property.



Many people don’t know that when buying a home, they can be represented by a buyer’s agent at no cost to them.

By having an experienced Agent working exclusively for you as a Buyer, you will have negotiation power and market expertise at your disposal. It will cost you nothing and you will gain peace of mind as well as save money on your purchase.

Instead of dealing directly with an agent for the seller, a buyer will have the comfort of knowing that their buyer’s agent is going to handle everything from setting up showing appointments, to negotiations and paperwork. They will walk the buyers through the process of home inspection, work to provide attorneys with needed documentation, as well as accompany their buyers to the closing table.

Buyer’s Agents are paid through the seller after a deal has closed, but they will only be working for you. They can show any home that is listed, and give you advice on location, pricing, resale value and help you become educated in the current market climate before you sit down to sign a purchase offer.

Home Valuation

Have you been wondering what your house is worth in today’s local Real Estate market? Our team of licensed Real Estate Salespeople will provide you with a no obligation, free Comparative Market Analysis. ​ A Comparative Market Analysis will give you a true picture of what your house is worth in today’s Real Estate market based on the recent local sales of comparable properties. ​ All homeowners profit greatly from this initial look into the conditions of their own market. The number one reason that a home does not sell is incorrect pricing in the critical first few weeks. ​ Contact us for a FREE Comparative Market Analysis before you make the decision to list your property. We are happy to serve Columbia, Greene, Northern Dutchess and Albany Counties. Join Our Growing Team of Agents!

Prerequisites for Homebuyers

Changewinds Realty has standardized operating procedures for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers must meet prior to receiving any services. This ensures that all buyers are treated equally and that every offer we submit, for every buyer client is as strong as it can be in a highly competitive market. With many properties ending up with multiple offers, our highly skilled agents want to arm you with the strongest chance possible of beating out other buyers.

Buyers must review and sign the NY state Agency Disclosure before discussing their financial situation, and provide their agent with a proof of funds letter, or mortgage prequalification prior to making any offers.

Buyers should have a minimum of 2 forms of documentation showing name and address prior to submitting any offers. This may include your mortgage prequalification, a personal check, a proof of funds letter, or photo ID.

Exclusive Broker Agreements are not required by Changewinds Realty, however Agents have the option to establish exclusive agreements with buyers as long as both parties agree to the terms.


Local Community

We pride ourselves on community involvement and maintaining relationships with the people in our small towns.  We have sponsored baseball teams, theater productions, charity runs, school plays and we look forward to many more opportunities. Some of our Agents grew up in the Capital Region and the Catskills, while others found their way here later in life, but we have all made a home here and love to welcome new neighbors.

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